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  • Sales Management
    Sales Management

    Manage sales, from quote to invoicing and despatch

    Enter quotes, convert to sales orders

    Full quoting functionality, allowing you to convert quotes to sales orders.

    DecEzy includes full quoting functionality. Quote details can be entered, so you know exactly what you have quoted to potential customers. Once you have secured the work, the quote can be easily converted to a sales order. If you don’t get the work, the quote can be sent to history, so you have a permanent record of what you have quoted.

    Easily recall previous sales order details

    Customers past sales orders are stored in history, making it easy to recall what they have purchased, and what designs they used.

    DecEzy keeps a complete history of all customers sales orders, making it possible to look back at their history as a reference, or to look for a specific item they purchased in the past, so you can get the exact details (code/size/color), along with any design they had on it. You will never need tell a customer that you cannot recall what they purchased in the past.

    Track all outstanding sales orders, and designs needed for them

    Complete visibility of outstanding sales orders, so you know when they are due, or overdue, and when designs are needed to be completed.

    DecEzy offers complete visibility outstanding sales orders in the system. This allows you toset priorities, so you can concentrate on the older/overdue orders, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. With the ability to see all the designs you need to complete, scheduling your work becomes much easier.

    Track your profit/margin for each sales order

    Profit/margin information is generated and displayed as you enter a sales order.

    DecEzy calculates and displays detailed information about your sales orders, as you enter them. This enables you to instantly tell if your profit/margin is at the level you expect it to be, so you can take corrective action straight away.