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  • Link Decorations
    Link Decorations

    Link items to designs

    When entering sales orders, design can be linked to items

    designs can be linked to one or more items on an sales order, ensuring you always know exactly what is required.

    DecEzy allows designs on an sales order to be linked to multiple items. This linking information is used throughout DecEzy:

    • Quote/Sales Order documents – when giving the customer the sales order document, the linking information is displayed, so the customer is confident they are getting what they asked for.
    • Processing designs – ensuring you know which items a given design go on.

    Outstanding purchase orders

    View a summary of open purchase orders, broken down by outstanding, overdue, due today and partially received.

    DecEzy makes it easy to monitor your open purchase orders, displaying them as a summary. This summary displayed a count, and the total cost of each of four categories:

    • Ensuring that the designs on an item are invoiced at the same time the item is. This means you can selectively invoice one item (on a 10 item sales order), and know that the designs linked to this item are also invoiced at the same time.
    • The invoice displays linking information, so the customer knows exactly which designs are linked to what items.
    • design prices can be added to the item price, effectively “hiding” the design prices.