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  • What is DecEzy?

    DecEzy is a workflow management application, designed for businesses that work in the promotions industry - embroidery shops, engravers, essentially anyone who puts a design on an item. It was designed to compensate for the shortcomings of traditional small/medium business accounting/management software, such as QuickBooks or MYOB. While these traditional packages perform well for "generic" business activities, they do not have the specialized functionality which is required by the promotions industry. The key areas that they are lacking are:

    • Ability to handle large quantities of items, with size and color information, allowing for specific pricing within.
    • Ability to enter complex sales orders, allowing items to be linked to designs (to indicate that a design is to go on an item)
    • Ability to store complex design information required for the promotions industry.

    DecEzy is designed to work alongside your current accounting package. The key areas it replaces are inventory, sales (invoicing, payments, statements) and purchases, while adding extra functionality tailored to the promotions industry, such as the handling of designs details.