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    Answer to some common questions about DecEzy

    DecEzy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Question: What is DecEzy?

    Answer: DecEzy is a workflow management system for promotions industry businesses. It allows you to keep a track of your customers and their jobs (including margins), inventory, designs, purchases, etc, ensuring that nothing ever slips through the cracks.

    Question: What sort of businesses can use DecEzy?

    Answer: DecEzy is designed to assist any business which applies “designs” to “things” (objects). A few examples would be: Embroidery – Applying embroidery designs to clothing. Screen Printing – Applying screen prints to clothing. Engraving – Applying engravings to trophies.

    Question: Will DecEzy replace my current accounting package (QuickBooks/MYOB/etc)?

    Answer: Although DecEzy was written to compensate for some of the shortcomings of these “generic” accounting packages, it does not completely replace them. It works alongside them, passing summary information to the accounting package. (It will send information automatically to QuickBooks)

    Question: Can more than one person use DecEzy at a time?

    Answer: Yes. DecEzy is a multi-user application, using Microsoft SQL Server as its backend, allowing you connect many users to it simultaneously.

    Question: When I buy DecEzy, does it ever expire/sunset

    Answer: No. After buying DecEzy, you will be able to use and install the version you bought indefinitely.

    Question: When I buy DecEzy, do I need to pay a yearly maintenance fee?

    Answer: No. There are no regular maintenance fee’s you need to pay to continue using DecEzy.

    Question: Will I need to enter all the item costs for the different brands I buy?

    Answer: No. Bruma (the makers of DecEzy) will provide, at a small cost, files to update the costs of major brands/vendors.

    Question: Am I able to enter new, and update existing item costs myself?

    Answer: Yes. DecEzy has been designed to make this as easy as possible.