• By Bruma Pty. Ltd
  • Tutorial
    • Customer Portal with Shopify

      Customer Portal with Shopify

      This video shows how to integrate Shopify with DecEzy, to create a customer portal.

      Length: 20:07

    • Integration with NAV

      Integration with NAV

      This video shows how to integrate DecEzy with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, for easier accounting and branch consolidation.

      Length: 2128

    Item Management
    • Stocktake with Android Scanner

      Stocktake with Android Scanner

      An overview of using an android device with a bluetooth barcode scanner to perform a stocktake in DecEzy.

      Length: 12:04

    • Item Entry Introduction

      Item Entry Introduction

      An introduction in entering items into DecEzy, using the item management window.

      Length: 10:46

    • Barcode Scanning

      Barcode Scanning

      Shows how DecEzy uses barcodes in both sales and purchase receipt entry.

      Length: 9:09

    • Importing Item Files

      Importing Item Files

      Demonstrates how Decezy keeps your item data and costs up to date automatically.

      Length: 7:32

    • Inventory Level Management

      Inventory Level Management

      An overview of how inventory levels are automatically maintained by DecEzy. Two DecEzy concepts are discussed:

      • Reorder Points
      • Inventory Requests

      Length: 5:35

    • Item Price Breaks

      Item Price Breaks

      How to use item price breaks to effortlessly set the prices for thousands of items

      Length: 9:14

    Sales Orders
    • Linking Tutorial

      Linking Tutorial

      Demonstrates how DecEzy allows you to link items to designs on sales orders and quotes.

      Length: 6:41

    • Finding Items

      Finding Items

      An overview of of how to find items while entering sales orders into DecEzy.

      Length: 4:05

    • Purchase Order Receiving with an Android Scanner

      Purchase Order Receiving with an Android Scanner

      An overview of receiving stock for a purchase order, using an Android device and bluetooth barcode scanner.

      Length: 9:38

    • Purchasing Cycle

      Purchasing Cycle

      Gives an overview of DecEzy's purchasing cycle, taking you through the process:

      • Order Entry
      • Reservations
      • Generating purchase orders
      • Receiving stock
      • Matching receipts to sales orders

      Length: 10:20