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    Feedback from some of our customers, and their experiences with DecEzy

    DecEzy Testimonials

    cote For years we had struggled running our business using QuickBooks alone. As it is a generic accounting package, it did not deal with many unique aspects of our industry – the complex nature of our sales orders, tracking an orders process through the system, inventory management. We were running our business using QuickBooks, numerous excel spreadsheets, and filing cabinets full of paperwork. Although we know this was not an optimal way to run a business, we had just accepted that this is the way an embroidery businesses is run.

    Since we have started using DecEzy, our business has never run smoother. All of our key data is in one central location, rather than being in numerous systems or filing cabinets. We are spending much less time chasing up paper work, freeing staff up to give better customer service. DecEzy is definitely a better way to run an embroidery business.cote

    Ross Marcelino, All Sewn Up
    cote I had been looking for a software package to help run me run my small embroidery business for quite some time, to no avail. What little I did find was either too expensive, or did not contain the features I required. Finally, I found DecEzy – it was both reasonably priced, and did everything I needed (and more).

    I was particularly happy with the customisable reports. After spending a bit of time on them, I was able to produce quotes and invoices that had a similar look to my businesses look (letter head, business card, etc).

    I couldn’t imagine running my business without DecEzy now. Having my sales managed by a system designed for this industry has made my business so much more manageable.cote

    Michelle Denham, Angel’s Embroidery
    cote Running a small embroidery business has always been a delicate balance of planning, administration and production. Like most small embroidery business proprietors I have to be involved in all of the business processes: customer service & sales, ordering from vendors, receiving stock, running the machinery and taking care of all the paperwork. Before I purchased DecEzy I never seemed to have enough time to get everything done, so working increasingly long hours was the only solution I could come up with.

    Using DecEzy has changed all this. I now spend much less time on administrative tasks, and can use this time far more effectively in the production and business planning operations of my business. I estimate I save in excess of 2 hours per day by using DecEzy. The time that I used to spend chasing up details of sales, looking up costs of items, working out what items I need to order etc. has been greatly reduced. I’m still busy all day but at least now I get to go home at a reasonable time!cote

    Sandra Turnbull, Embroidery Central