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  • Item Management
    Item Management

    Handle thousands of items with ease

    Maintain Item details (incl costs) easily & efficiently

    Item details including vendor costs are maintained using the item management form.

    The item management form has been designed to allow all important details to be entered and updated quickly and intuitively; costs, pricing method, size ranges, sizes and colours.

    Vendor item costs updated automatically

    Vendor’s item costs can be updated quickly and easily, by uploading data files purchased from Bruma (the makers of DecEzy).

    One of the big problems with many systems is keeping your data up to date. There is little point in having a system that can store the costs of all your items, if these costs are constantly out of date, due to suppliers changing their prices.

    This is why DecEzy allows item costs to be uploaded from files purchased from Bruma. These files are available for most major suppliers. Please contact us for pricing information.

    Item search facility

    Full item search capability, including the ability to search by four custom fields, makes it easy to find the item you are after.

    DecEzy offers extensive item functionality, making it easy to find the item you are after, no matter how many items you have in the system. You can search by criteria such as:

    • Brand
    • Colors
    • Description
    • Items in stock
    • Style

    Item Discounting

    Item discounts can be manually applied to sales, or pre-defined so they are automatically applied consistently.

    DecEzy has comprehensive item discounting functionality, allowing you to apply them on the fly, or pre-define them. This includes:

    • Manually applying discounts on individual lines.
    • Manually applying a discount to a whole sales order.
    • Pre-defined against the item, so the discount is given to all customers who buy that item.
    • Pre-defined against a customer, so they receive the discount no matter what item they buy.

    Multiple item pricing methods

    DecEzy offers a number of different pricing methods, giving you both control over your prices, and the flexibility to change your methods when required

    Different items can be set up to use different pricing methods, offering you the flexibility and control you need over your pricing. These methods include:

    • Single unit price.
    • Price Breaks (different price based on quantity sold).
    • Single markup %.
    • Markup % based on unit cost.
    • Markup % based on total cost of item on a sales order.

    Displays item margin for every item sold

    When entering and reviewing sales, DecEzy will tell you exactly how much margin is being sold at, ensuring no line is making a loss.

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    DecEzy detailed statistics on your sales, allowing you to make informed decisions of how you wish to adjust your pricing. These statistics include:

    • Each Item Line
        Margin per unit
    • All item lines
        Total cost
      1. otal amount of sale
        Total tax
        Total margin ($ and %)
        Target margin ($ and %) (Only if you have set up target margins, based on total item cost)
    • All decoration lines
        Total amount
      1. Total tax
        Total outsource cost
    • Whole sales order
        Total cost
      1. Total amount
        Total tax
        Margin ($ and %)

    Full visibility of stock levels

    Comprehensive stock control ensures you always know how much of each item you have, broken down by size and color (if applicable)

    DecEzy offers comprehensive stock control, giving you complete visibility of your stock levels at any given time. Any time you make a sale, or purchase, DecEzy tracks the stock levels (by size and color, if applicable), and updates them automatically. This means that at a glance, you know if you can fulfil a sales order for a customer, or if you are going to need to order stock in.

    It should be noted, that the use of stock control is not mandatory. Most of DecEzy’s stock control functionality (including reservations, and automatic ordering) will work, even if you are not trying to accurately track stock levels within DecEzy.

    Automatic re-ordering

    Stock can be automatically reordered once it reaches a certain (predefined) level, ensuring you never run out of key items.

    DecEzy allows you to set up reorder points for each item (and each size/color combination within the item, if applicable). During your normal ordering process, DecEzy will automatically determine if you are at or below the reorder point, and add the appropriate quantity of the item to your order.