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  • Account Managment
    Account Managment

    Manage your accounts with DecEzy

    Works with any Accounting Software

    DecEzy produces summary sales figures, which can be entered into your accounting software.

    DecEzy can produce a number of summary sales reports, allowing you to quickly enter the summary in your accounting software, while leaving the details in DecEzy. These reports include:

    • Sales summarised by day/week/month/quarter/year.
    • Sales grouped by brand, summarised by day/week/month/quarter/year.
    • Payments summarised by day/week/month/quarter/year
    • Payments grouped by payment method, summarised by day/week/month/quarter/year.

    This allows you to personalize the reports to your business.

    Manages Customer Balances

    Detailed customer balances are maintained in DecEzy, from which statements can be generated

    Every transaction made against a customer (invoices, credits, payments, refunds, etc) is stored within DecEzy. This allows you to both easily see the customers balance, and tell exactly what transactions have affected this balance.

    Customer statements can be generated from DecEzy using this transactional data. This can be done in batches, using a number of rules to selectively generate them, such as balance amount, and time overdue. These can also be automatically emailed to your customers.