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  • Design Library
    Design Library

    Manage decoration design/production information

    Link designs to customers

    Details of designs can be stored within the system, and linked to specific customers, giving you quick access to them for sales orders.

    DecEzy allows you to store the details of designs (including color schemas, links to electronic files, and an image of the design). These can either be linked to a specific customer, meaning only this customer can use it (and is easily accessible for that customer), or left generic (unlinked), meaning it can be used by any customer.

    Recall when designs have been used

    Records are kept of when design have been used for a customer, allowing you to easily add them again to sales orders in the future.

    DecEzy keeps a history of all design usage, including what items they were applied to. When entering new sales orders in the future, you can search through this customers previous design usage, and add one that was used in the past.