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  • Branch Consolidation
    Branch Consolidation

    Consolidating multiple branches is easy with DecEzy, so you always know your financial position, branch by branch.

    Each Branch Works Independently

    Each branch (a distinct location/shop front) still works from their own locally installed copy of DecEzy

    When using branch consolidation, each branch works out of a locally installed copy of DecEzy, rather than connecting to a central server via the internet. This ensures that day to day operations (entering sales quotes/sales orders, ordering stock, etc) is always fast and responsive, and not impacted by any internet connectivity issues the branch office may have.

    Consolidates to Leading Accounting Package

    DecEzy integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV – a world leading accounting package.

    When using branch consolidation, each branch will send their transactional data (sales / returns / payments / refunds / purchases / etc) to a central installation of a leading accounting package, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    Complete Visibility of all Branches

    The head office can easily see an overview of the whole business, by looking at the consolidated accounts

    When using DecEzy Branch Consolidation, all of your businesses key information is available in one location. This can be analysed either branch by branch, or as a single consolidated figure. The key information you can review like this includes:

    • Items on sales orders
    • Sales invoices / credits
    • Outstanding purchase orders
    • Purchase receipts / returns
    • Inventory Levels
    • Customer Details