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  • eCommerce Integration
    eCommerce Integration

    DecEzy makes it easy to get your business on the web

    Easily Create an eCommerce Site

    An eCommerce site template is provided, making it quick and easy to get your business on the web.

    A standard eCommerce site template is provided along with DecEzy. This template is highly customisable, allowing you to change it to suite both your business branding (colours, etc), and how you want the website to look.

    If your business already has a website, this eCommerce template can be integrated into your existing site with minimal effort.

    Maintain Website Automatically

    DecEzy eCommerce integration allows you to maintain your website from within DecEzy with the click of a button.

    Once the eCommerce web site is set up, all management of the website can be managed from within DecEzy. Changes are uploaded automatically, such as

    • Adding new items
    • Changing prices for existing items
    • Changing descriptions/details of existing items
    • Changing/adding images for items
    • Adding new designs you wish to allow people to select

    Download Customer Orders

    Orders entered into the eCommerce website are automatically downloaded into DecEzy

    After a customer has entered an order into the eCommerce website, DecEzy will automatically download the details, and create an order in DecEzy. This removes the need to manually enter the orders into another system, reducing the posibility of error.

    Customer Portal

    DecEzy can manage a customer portal, allowing existing customers to log in and place their own orders.

    The eCommerce functionality in DecEzy can be used to create a customer portal for your businsesses existing customers. Features include:

    • Ability to show items only for specific customers.
    • Prices are specific for each customer.
    • Ability for the customer to order predefined item/design combinations (for example, a specific polo shirt with the customers logo embroidered on it).