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    DecEzy has been released

    • By Shanon Mulley
    • January 23, 2016

    DecEzy has been released on 03/Jan/2016

    This version primarily introduces the reminders functionality.

    DecEzy can be downloaded here

    New Features

    • Reminders functionality added, allowing users to remind themselves or other users about customers, orders, etc, at a predetermined date/time Knowledgebase Article
    • Sales order payment information updated to show uninvoiced components.
    • Receipt report updated so that credit lines are indicated as such.
    • Item management window has been updated so it loads and displays data faster.

    Bug Fixes

    • If DecEzy was left on for a long time, duplicate item cost notifications may appear. This has been resolved so that duplicates are not displayed.
    • Item management was not always updating correctly when selected website was changed. (Only applicable if multiple website integration is being used)