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    Reminders Overview

    Author admin acount on January 16, 2016 | Print | Bookmark

    The reminders functionality in DecEzy allows users to get DecEzy to give themselves, or another user, a reminder message at a predetermined date/time. Reminders can be associated with specific records/documents within DecEzy. As of time of writing, they could be associated with sales orders, sales quotes, purchase orders and customers. More may be added in the future.

    Setting up Reminders

    Setting up reminders is straight forward. On the documents that allow reminders to be set up for them (sales orders, sales quotes, purchase orders) , there will be a "reminders" button, which looks like this:

    Reminders Button

    For customers, reminders are accessed through the customers menu button on the bottom right of the customer management window:

    Customer Management - Open Reminders

    When open, the reminders window will look like this:

    Reminders Window

    The reminders window has a number of columns in it:

    • Type - This is the type of document/record this reminder is linked to. This cant be set by the user - it is automatically set based on where the reminders window is opened from.
    • No. - This is the number of the document/record this reminder is linked to. This cant be set by the user - it is automatically set based on where the reminders window is opened from.
    • Set Datetime - The date/time this reminder was created. This is automatically set by DecEzy - it cannot be edited.
    • Description - The description of the reminder. This is what the user will see when DecEzy reminds them about this.
    • Dismissed - If a reminder is dismissed, then the user will not be remindered about this again. This is a means of keeping a record of the reminder, while preventing it from bothering you again.
    • Remind User - Which user is to be reminded. This will default to the user setting the reminder, but it can be changed to a different user.
    • Set By User - The user who set this reminder. This is automatically set by DecEzy and cannot be edited.
    • Reminder Time - The time this reminder is for.
    • Reminder Date - The date this reminder is for.

    There are also two checkbox options at the bottom of the window:

    • Only For Current User - If this is checked, the user will only see reminders where the "Remind User" is themselves.
    • Include Dismissed - If this is unchecked, the user will not see reminders that are dismissed, else they will see all reminders.

    Its also possible to set up a generic reminder. If the reminders window is opened from the main menu (not from a document/customer), then any reminders created will have the type "None", and the "No." column will be blank:

    Reminders Window

    Main Menu Reminders Button

    The reminders button on the main menu has extra information in it. There are two numbers on it, one in a blue circle, one in a red circle, as shown below:

    Main Menu Reminders Button

    The meaning of these numbers are:

    • Blue Number - This is the total number of your reminders (set to your user), which have not been dismissed.
    • Red Number - This is the number of your reminders (setto your user), which have not been dismissed and are overdue.

    Being Reminded

    When a reminder is due (according to the date/time of the reminder), DecEzy will notify the user by showing a popup notification at the bottom right hand corner, along with a sound. The notification will look like this:

    Reminder Notification

    From here the user can either close it, by clicking on the little cross, or they can open the notification by clicking on it. If they open up the notification, then the reminder notification window opens up, like this:

    Reminder Notification Window

    This provides a little information aboutthe reminder, along with a number of options:

    • Snooze - Closes the reminder window, and sets the reminder date/time so it will remind the user again in a certain amount of time (anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours)
    • Dismiss - Dismisses the reminder so the user is not notified about it again.
    • Open - Opens the document/record (sales order / customer / etc).
    • Close - Closes the reminder notification window without making any changes.

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