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    DecEzy has been released

    • By Shanon Mulley
    • August 7, 2016

    DecEzy has been released on 07/Aug/2016

    This versions big new feature is Shopify web integration. It also includes a number of smaller updates and bug fixes.

    DecEzy can be downloaded here

    New Features

    • Birthdate added to customers.
    • Notes (Internal and External) added to posted sales invoices.
    • SMTP email functionality added (able to send mail directly to the server).
    • Users can no longer post sales invoices where the prepayments are greater than the invoice value.
    • Shopify web integration added. Overview Screenshots
    • Ability to set up unit prices including tax added for items and item price breaks.

    Bug Fixes

    • Advanced Customer Search box has been updated. Will now select the new customer when added automatically.
    • Requisition list - the "oldest' fields are now populating correctly.