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    Adding Plain Text to a Report

    Shanon Mulley on September 16, 2013

    A plain text field is a field that displays a set text at all times – it does not change if the data in the report changes. If you want the words “All sales are final” to appear on every single invoice, you can use a plain text field for this. If you want the text “All sales are final” to appear for some invoices, and “Returns accepted within 7 days) for others, then a plain text field is not appropriate – you will need a calculated field to acheive this.

    To add a plain text, you simply drag a label control onto the report, where you wish the text to appear. The label control can be found in the toolbox, which is usually to the left of the report designer.

    Once you have dragged the label onto the report, double click on the control, and type in the text you wish to appear: