• By Bruma Pty. Ltd
  • Item Management
    Item Management

    1. The item managment window makes it easy to maintain any number of suppliers and items, along with purchase costs for items, sizes,     colours and quantities.

    Item Management Window

    2. Vendor price lists purchased from Bruma can be imported into DecEzy, greatly reducing your data entry time and mistakes.

    Item Cost Import Window

    3. Items can be searched for by a variety of criteria, allowing you to quickly find what your after, no matter how items are in DecEzy.

    Item Search Window

    4. Markups and Margins can be pre-defined, allowing prices to be calculated on the fly as sales are entered into the system.

    Item Markup/Margin Management Window

    5. The item summary section of the sales entry screen shows details of the profitability of each line.

    Order Item Summary

    6. Price breaks allow you to set up pricing for individual items based on the quantity being sold.

    Item Price Breaks Listing

    Stock Control

    1. Stock levels are automatically maintained, and reorder points allow for automatic reordering when stock gets to low.

    Stock levels on the Item Management window

    2. Item availablity information is displayed while entering a sales order, and automatically updated as stock becomes available.

    Item availability on the sales order entry window

    3. Requisitioning functionality can automatically generate purchase orders for you, based on your sales order requirements.

    Requisition windows