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    DecEzy has been released

    • By Shanon Mulley
    • February 1, 2016

    DecEzy has been released on 01/Feb/2016

    This verison primarily introduces the new DecEzy version notification functionality.

    DecEzy can be downloaded here

    New Features

    • DecEzy version notification functionality added (users are notified wihin DecEzy when a new version of DecEzy is available).
    • Barcode scanning added to quotes.
    • Ability to print out the item price query added.
    • Item price query data is now remembered if the window is closed (but only if DecEzy remains open)
    • Looking up item or decoration history no longer remembers the sort order applied last time (always sorts by date)
    • When item a single item is opened in the item management, only that one item will now load, rather than every all items for this items brand.
    • Added "Clear" menu option to item price query.
    • Shipping label functionality added to sales order, posted sales invoices, and customers.