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    Bank Accounts Overview

    Shanon Mulley on September 16, 2013

    Bank accounts in DecEzy have two main purposes:

    • Display banking details on invoices and job reports so customers know how to pay (via bank transfer).
    • Keeping a track of payments received, by which bank they are going to.

    Bank accounts are setup from the bank accounts list. This can be opened by selecting Misc>Bank Accounts from the top menu (note – if you are unable to find it, this may be because the menu has changed since this article was written).

    Opening Bank aCcounts

    In this scenario, the company wishes to keep COD payments seperate to all other payments, so they have a seperate bank account to receive COD payments into. To accomidate for this, we set up bank accounts as shown below. We have two bank accounts set up – one which is the main bank account (given the code "DEFAULT"), and the other which will be used for COD payments only.

    Next we need to tell DecEzy how we want to use this bank accounts. Firstly we go to the company setup, and select the DEFAULT bank account in the bank details section. This tells DecEzy that unless otherwise specified, this bank account should be used on invoices and for payments.

    Company Setup

    Next we set up the COD Terms. For this example, we are assuming that the COD Terms has already been set up – we are just adding the banking information. In this case, we update the COD Terms card so the bank account is set to "COD". This tells DecEzy that if a job or invoice uses the terms "COD", then we should be using the COD bank for payments relating to this job/invoice.

    COD Terms Card

    Now we will show how DecEzy uses this information. Firstly we will create a job for a customer who on COD terms, and put through two prepayments for it. The bank account column automatically populates with the COD bank account. (Note: The bank account column is hidden by default, so you may need to show it by right clicking on the header). If desired, the bank account value can be changed from the default.


    Now we enter some payments against a customer who is not set up for COD terms. This time the default bank account is used, as no bank account has specifically been set up for this invoices terms.


    Now for reporting. As a large point of having bank accounts in DecEzy is to assist with the entry of payments into your accounting package, DecEzy has a report which shows payments grouped by bank account. To open this report, select "Reports>Payments>Payment Detail by Bank Account" from the top menu.

    Open Payment Details by Bank Account

    We enter the details of what we wish to see. In this case, only payments between the 20th and 21st.

    The output from this report is shown below. Notice the bank account totals in the red boxes, and the report total in the blue box. Each payment method is grouped within each bank account, making it easy to transfer the payment information into your accounting package, ensuring that each payment makes it into the appropriate bank account.