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    Report Image Manipulation

    Shanon Mulley on September 16, 2013

    Image Manipulation
    Images are shown on many of DecEzys reports. The most common use of images on reports is to show your company logo, but on some reports it can show pictures of items and designs (if available).

    The first thing to note is that you do not need to manually add your company logo to each report you wish it to appear on. All of the external reports (reports that are likely to be sent to people outside of your business) automatically display the logo which has been imported into the company setup (on the logo tab), and all the other reports have access to this logo if you wish to add it. By using the logo as set up in the company setup, it is easy to update the logo on every report, by updating the image in one place – the company setup. For this reason, it is not recommended that you manually import a logo/image on each report.

    You may find your company logo does not look quite right on your reports. It might be stretched out, too small, or other cosmetic issues. To rectify this, you can try the following things:

    • Change the size of the picture box on the report.
    • Change the value of the “Sizing” property of the picture box. Typically, changing it to “Center Image” will show the image in its original size (assuming the picture box is large enough), but you can try other values to get your desired result.