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    Formatting Text on a Report

    Shanon Mulley on September 16, 2013

    Formatting Text on a Report

    Formatting text involvOpes making any cosmetic changes to text fields on reports. This can be one of numerous attributes, such as bold, underlined, italic, font size, font colour and font type. Formatting text in the report designer is similar to formatting text in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, with one major difference: when you format text in the report designer, you have to format all text within a box at the same time. You cannot select one word from within a report field, and format just  that word – the formatting will be applied to all text within the field.

    To format a field, select the field by clicking on it (or select multiple fields by drawing a box around them), and then select the formatting options available to you on the top of the report designer. Most of the basic formatting options are available on the toolbar, but if you get stuck, you can use the “Format” menu option.