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    Adding a Data Bound Field to a Report

    Shanon Mulley on September 4, 2013

    A data bound field is a field for which the displayed value is controlled by the report data. An example of this would be the customer name on an invoice. Although the field stays the same, the value displayed changes depending on the customer value of the invoice being printed.

    The default layout of DecEzy’s reports contain most of the key fields you are likely to need displayed. Some reports, however, do not display some of the available data. This is because not all fields are important to all users. An example of  this is this would be the employee name on sales invoices (for each item line). While this has been included in the underlying data of the report, by default it is not displayed, as most users do not wish to see this on the invoice.

    To add a data bound field, first identify it in the data source “Field List”, usually on the right hand side of the report designer.

    Click on the field in question (in this case, the EmployeeName), and drag it on the report. Be cautious where you drag it to. The section should be relevant to the node in the field list. In this case, the EmployeeName field we are dragging comes from the “ItemLinesWithLinkedDecs” node, so we are being sure to drag it to a section with the “ItemLinesWithLinkedDecs” section of the report layout

    Once you have dragged the field onto the report, you can move it around, and adjust other fields, to acheive the look you are after.