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    Setting Up Barcode Scanners

    Author admin acount on January 13, 2016 | Print | Bookmark

    DecEzy offers extensive barcode scanning functionality, to assist with inventory management, sales and purchase receipts. In order to get the most out of barcode scanning, the barcode scanners need to be setup correctly within DecEzy.

    If a barcode scanner is not setup correctly, its functionality will be somewhat limited. DecEzy will only recognise the scanned barcodes correctly if the curser is in a specific box on the window (on the POS, sales order, purchase order, or any other windows it is used).

    When the barcode scanner is setup correctly, DecEzy will recognise the scanned barcodes correctly no matter where the curser is. So long as the appropriate window is open and active, scanning valid barcodes will be recognised by DecEzy.

    To ensure the barcode scanner is setup correctly, follow these steps.

    Firstly, the barcode scanner needs to be plugged in before DecEzy is opened. If a barcode scanner is plugged in while DecEzy is open, DecEzy will only see it as an ordinary keyboard. Restarting DecEzy (while the scanner is still plugged in) will rectify this.

    Once you have DecEzy started (while the barcode scanner is plugged in), open up the the barcode scanner setup under the admin menu, as shown below:

    Open Barcode Scanning Setup

    Once open, it should look like the image below (assuming no scanners are currently setup):

    Barcode Scanner Setup

    At this point, it is important to not touch your keyboard, only your mouse. As windows sees the barcode scanner as being just another keyboard, we are telling DecEzy to treat the barcode scanner differently. If you touch the keyboard with this window open, it may get confused, and set up your normal keyboard as a scanner.

    Now, with the "Barcode Scanner Setup" window open, scan something with the barcode scanner. It can be anything - the barcode does not need to be in DecEzy. Once a barcode has been scanned, the Barcode Scanner Setup window should look like this:

    Barode Scanner Setup - Barcode Scanned

    Now, with the mouse, click on "Add Scanner". This should add a new row to the grid. Please note that in the screenshot below, i have also manually added the description "Scanner on main machine". The descriptions are not required, but may be handy if you have multiple scanners on different machines, so you know which setup record is for what scanner.

    Thats it. Your scanner is now setup. You will need to restart DecEzy for the newly setup barcode scanner to work, but after you have restarted DecEzy, the scanner should work correctly from anywhere on the appropriate windows in DecEzy.

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