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    Identifying Web Customer Issues

    Author admin acount on January 25, 2015 | Print | Bookmark

    Identifying Web Customer Issues

    When DecEzy uploads standard items to Magento as part of its customer portal functionality, it will automatically attempt up upload the customers and customer branches associated with these standard items. As Magento has some fairly strict rules when creating customers, errors may occur if these rules are not adhered to, preventing the custom items from being uploaded properly.

    In order to prevent these errors, DecEzy has functionality to assist you with identifying potential errors before you attempt to upload any customers to Magento.

    Magento Customer Rules

    There are a few rules that must be ahered to when uploading customers/branches to Magento.

    The following fields must have a value:

    • Email
    • City
    • Post Code
    • Address 1

    Also, the email address must be unqiue. No two customers or branches can have the same email address when uploading to Magento.

    DecEzy Checks

    The customer management window can assist with identifying potential issues. If you change the "Show Customers" option to "Customers with web standard items", two things will happen:

    • Only customers with valid web custom items will be displayed.
    • A "Web Warning" field will appear on both the customer and branches tab:

    The Web Warning column will have text in it if any of the mandatory fields are empty. Unless these are rectified, the customer/branch will not be upload. Please note, that if a customer is not uploaded, none of its branches will be uploaded either, so it is particularly important that the customer is able to be uploaded.

    When the Web Synch window opens, it automatically check for all potential customer issues, and display the result. If there are no issues, then text in black will be displayed ("No issue"). If there is an issue, then text indicating this will be displayed in colour:

    • Warnings about empty fields are displayed in blue.
    • Warnings about duplicate emails are displayed in red.

    The reason for different colours, is that duplicate emails are considered a more critical issue than empty fields. If a required field is missing, DecEzy will not attempt to upload the customer/branch, avoiding the error. But DecEzy will attempt to upload a customer/branch if it has a duplicate email. For this reason, it is very important to resolve this before attempting to synchronise standard items.

    These can be resolved easily by clicking on the either of the warning texts (the red or blue texts described above). When clicked, the "Web Customer Sync Issues" window will open. This has on it three tabs:

    • Customer Issues - Issues specific to customers (mainly empty fields)
    • Branch Issues - Issues specific to branches (mainly empty fields)
    • Duplicate Emails

    On both the first two tabs (customer issues and branch issues), the fields which potentially have issues are displayed and editable, allowing you to fix the issues straight away (above).

    On the "Duplicate Emails" tab, the duplicate emails are shown grouped by email address. In the below example, there is only one email address which is duplicated - "b3@decezy.com". From the "Duplicate Count" column you can tell there are three duplicates, but at the moment you cant see them.

    In order to see the duplicates, the row is expanded by clicking on the plus symbol. Once expanded, we can see that there are three branches which currently share this email address. We will need to fix this, or else it will cause errors during the upload. The email address is editable here, so they can be fixed in this window.

    You will note that in the example below, the middle branch (branch4) does not have an editable email. This is because it has a Website ID value, indicating that it has already been uploaded to Magento. As it has already been uploaded, it is best to edit the customers/branches that have not already been uploaded to Magento, again reducing the risk of causing an error during uploading. If you really need to edit this email address, you can do so from the regular customer management window.

    If you attempt to upload standard items or customers without fixing these issues, DecEzy will either:

    • Give you an error message, preventing you from uploading (this is for duplicate emails).
    • Give you a warning message, asking if you want to continue (this is for empty mandatory fields only).

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