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    Extending Magentos API

    Author admin acount on January 16, 2014 | Print | Bookmark

    Extending Magentos API

    While Magento's API is able to do almost everything DecEzy needs to do, out of the box, it is missing one very important peice of functionality. It cannot link simple products with configurable products.

    In order to do this (which is essential for using DecEzy with Magento), you will need to install an extension on Magento.

    The extension we use is magento-improve-api (or bubble-api). This is a free extension, which can be found here: http://www.bubblecode.net/en/2012/04/20/magento-api-associate-simple-products-to-configurable-or-grouped-product/. Unfortunately the version which is available for download from that site has a minor bug in it. So we have fixed it, and highly recommend that you use our fixed version, which you can download here: bruma-software.com/app-bubble-fixed.zip.

    Installation is fairly easy. Unzip it into the Magento root folder, then clean cache.

    If you are using DecEzy to upload customers to Magento, you will also need to extend the API to allow customer groups to be created. This can be done with the customer group API found here: bruma-software.com/CustomerGroup_API.zip

    This can be installed in the same manner as the bubble extension.

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